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A child's brain, mind, and relationships interact to shape who they are.  At Kid's Brain Tree,  our “root driven” approach is designed to  create lasting, positive changes for your child, family, and community. By understanding what is going on for them both internally and in terms of their interaction with their environment and with others, we can help them make changes from the inside out. We can identify which specific skills they need, and where they need to build connections, whether those connections are neurological, relational, or circumstantial. We are focusing more than on just the behavior. We are looking at the whole child, and helping her to create new connections in the brain and the nervous system. In this way we can create lasting, positive changes as new neural pathways develop.

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Internal Reorganization

We work with children and adults to increase their cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges.
Overall, KBT does not teach a child “what” to think but “how” to think and "how" to learn.  Although our model provides a language and way of packaging information that fits your child's learning style, we also help strengthen their ability to learn and process information in their non-dominate learning profile.  This makes it easier to navigate the academic and social world around them. Overall, they can make better decisions, in the classroom, in their out-of-school life and in their futures.

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Input and Output

Movement is the fundamental language of the brain and body. But not just any movement! The therapeutic approach to the precise movements and balance sequence improves the ability to learn, focus, pay attention and to regulate your nervous system. Increasing the brain body system's ability to sense,  perceive and organize information is essential to life. At KBT nutrition and health is an essential component of how we work with the child and family. Give the tree good sunlight, soil and water and you WILL see it flourish.


Bridging it into Function

Connection is the key to integrating new learning. You can have information, but until you link it and create context it will not have a place to land. Simply put, what you don't use, you lose. A critical component of our program is the "bridge it into function" phase.  This is where as you integrate the lower parts of the brain we want to give the brain practice accessing the higher level parts of the brain to activate and fully integrate the new way of learning, moving and being.

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