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 Kid's Brain Tree understanding of neurological issues and brain-based therapies has made it easy for us to create truly effective programs. They are engaged and passionate practitioners and therapists.

Jeff Strong -Creator of REI


It is an honor to work collaboratively in the development of a neurodevelopmental training protocol and a Balametrics Balance Board training program. Kid's Brain Tree philosophy and model brings supports the whole child, family and community.

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“Equipping Minds® Cognitive Development Curriculum increases verbal abilities, nonverbal abilities, IQ composite, and academic abilities. I am honored to have the Kid's Brain Tree therapists implementing Equipping Minds in their program. ”

Dr. Carol Brown - Developer of Equipping Minds

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Kid's Brain Tree is designed to assess, identify interventions, and help create the path that will allow your child to reach for success . Kid's Brain Tree bring together the best of the best in the fields of education, occupational therapy, holistic practice, integrative medicine, psychiatry and emotional healing work. Contact Kid's Brain Tree to find out how we can help.


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The Path to Success

Our mission is create a pathway to help children and families reach their highest potential. We have created a philosophy and model of therapeutic delivery that equips children with the tools they need to succeed.



A Comprehensive Approach

Ft. Worth Area

Center for the Healing Arts 

Shady Oak Academy

Dallas: Dallas Lutheran School

Austin: Reach for Success

Colorado: Cardinal Capers



Kid’s Brain Tree is an integrated consortium of therapeutic specialists serving families in the areas of cognitive development, behavior regulation and social integration.

Common concerns for families can include the following:

  • Trouble focusing and/or concentrating

  • Mixing up left and right, up and down, front and back

  • Resisting changes in routine

  • Over sensitivity to loud noises, touch, or hugs

  • Difficulty listening and following directions

  • Angry outbursts and/or defiance

  • Slow at written or copying tasks

  • Trouble making or keeping friends

Neuroscientists tell us that movement is the fundamental language of the brain and body. Sensory integration and neurological organization start before birth and rapidly continue in brain/body coordination throughout the early years of development. These critical processes directly impact later opportunities for higher thinking processes needed for school success, self-regulation and effective social interactions. Kids Brain Tree is designed to identify neurodevelopmental delays (NDD) and establish therapeutic interventions through a unique combination of movement, multi-sensory therapies and holistic care.

To set up an intake interview, please contact Kid's Brain Tree at the Center for the Healing Arts at 817-882—9750 or contact Dr. Penny Amstrong, Director of Intake and Advancement, at

Kid's Brain Tree combines the experience of practitioners in the fields of child psychiatry, education, behavioral regulation, and occupational therapy to create an individualized program that addresses complex issues of how the brain works, how learning is influenced by brain and body integrated systems, and how a breakdown in these systems can result in academic, emotional and social dysfunction.